One Drastic Rescue for Lucky the Horse

With the special sling ordered, a team of experts gathered, and a helicopter and pilot secured, the next step is to relocate Lucky to a more secure location for recovery.

I found this rescue phenomenal and so beautiful at the same time. Sometimes too emotional for me to even watch and I give credit to Dr. Dee and all of the others who took the time out to try to save this horse. Unfortunately he didn’t make it and that made me cry for probably the good rest of the night. It saddens me that with all that work it just didn’t work out for the poor boy. Some things are just meant to be though and written in the cards. He is in a better place now jumping and running around like no ones business and even flying on his own if he really wants to again. Great, wonderful and beautiful work. I know everyone who watched you guys were in wonder and aw and you all should be proud of yourselves.Peace out to Lucky. What a Beautiful horse that will be remembered for flying

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