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Listen and let Tanya Tucker take you on a journey to the heart of Texas with her hit song simply titled ‘Texas’

“Texas (When I Die)” is a classic country song by Tanya Tucker, released in 1978. The song was written by Ed Bruce, Bobby Borchers and Patsy Bruce, and it quickly became one of Tucker’s most popular hits.

The song’s lyrics pay tribute to the state of Texas, where Tucker was born and raised. Throughout the song, she sings about her deep love for the Lone Star State and her desire to be laid to rest there when she passes away.

The song’s opening verse sets the tone for the rest of the lyrics, as Tucker sings, “When I die, I may not go to heaven / I don’t know if they let cowboys in / If they don’t, just let me go to Texas / Texas is as close as I’ve been.” The lyrics suggest that for Tucker, Texas is a kind of paradise, a place where she feels most at home.

The chorus of the song is where the title comes into play, as Tucker sings, “Texas, oh Texas / I will sing thee a song / And carry thee with me / All the days long / Texas, oh Texas / I will sing thee a hymn / And I will carry thee with me / Till I’m home again.” The lyrics celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the state of Texas, suggesting that it is a place that deserves to be honored and remembered.

The second verse adds more detail to the story, as Tucker sings, “There’s a feeling I get when I see her / And it carries me back to cloudy old days / When I lived in Houston, town so ugly / You couldn’t even see the sky for the haze.” The lyrics acknowledge that Texas is not always perfect, but for Tucker, it is still a special place that holds a special place in her heart.

Ultimately, “Texas (When I Die)” is a heartfelt tribute to the state of Texas and all that it represents. The song’s lyrics celebrate the state’s beauty, its unique culture, and its importance in Tucker’s life. It’s a timeless classic that has resonated with country music fans for decades and remains a beloved anthem of Texas pride to this day.

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