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Listen to Don Williams’ Nostalgic Ballad, ‘Amanda’, and Rediscover the Beauty of True Love

“Amanda” is a classic country song by Don Williams that was released in 1973. The song tells the story of a man who is reminiscing about a past lover named Amanda. It is a beautiful love song that has touched the hearts of many over the years.

The lyrics of the song are simple yet powerful, and they capture the essence of true love. The opening lines set the tone for the rest of the song: “I’ve held it all inward, Lord knows I’ve tried / But it’s an awful awakening in a country boy’s life / To look in the mirror in total surprise / At the hair on your shoulders and the age in your eyes.”

These lines suggest that the speaker has been keeping his feelings hidden for some time, but he can no longer deny his love for Amanda. He reflects on the passage of time and how it has affected both of them, but despite the changes in their lives, his love for her remains constant.

As the song progresses, the speaker remembers the happy times he spent with Amanda, and he longs to be with her again. He sings, “And I hold her now just as gentle as I can / Like she’s precious cargo that I’m bearing / And if she would wake up and love me again / I’d be back on my feet by morning.”

These lines reveal the depth of the speaker’s love for Amanda and his willingness to do whatever it takes to win her back. He realizes that he cannot live without her, and he is willing to do anything to make things right between them.

Overall, “Amanda” is a timeless love song that captures the beauty and pain of true love. It reminds us that love can endure through the passage of time and that it is worth fighting for. The song continues to resonate with listeners today, proving that good music never goes out of style.

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