Tell It Like It Is – Aaron Neville (1966)

Aaron Neville’s “Tell It Like It Is” is a classic soul song from the mid-1960s that has become an enduring favorite of music lovers around the world. Written by George Davis and Lee Diamond, the song was first recorded in 1966 and quickly became a hit.

At its core, “Tell It Like It Is” is a song about heartbreak and honesty. The lyrics describe a man who is struggling with the pain of a failed relationship and who wants to be told the truth, no matter how difficult it may be.

The song starts with the famous opening lines: “If you want something to play with / Go and find yourself a toy.” These words convey the sense of frustration and hurt that the singer feels, setting the tone for the rest of the track.

Throughout the song, Neville sings about the importance of honesty and transparency in relationships, urging his partner to “tell it like it is” and not hold anything back. He also sings about the power of love to heal and transform our lives, even in the face of disappointment and heartache.

The meaning behind this song is one of authenticity and vulnerability. It’s about the importance of being honest with ourselves and others about our emotions and our needs, as well as the power of love to transcend our pain and bring us closer to one another.

Overall, Aaron Neville’s “Tell It Like It Is” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Its emotional melody and poignant lyrics have resonated with generations of listeners, making it a beloved song that continues to be played on the radio and at concerts and events around the world.

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