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Listen to Frankie Ballard’s ‘Sunshine & Whiskey’ and Get Ready for a Fun Summer Vibe!

“Sunshine & Whiskey” is a country music song performed by Frankie Ballard. The song was released in 2014 and quickly became a hit, reaching the top 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The lyrics of the song speak about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, such as sunshine and whiskey, and living in the moment. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a popular choice for parties and events.

The chorus of the song goes:

“Sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow tide rollin’
White sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strollin’
Chillin’, breazin’, sippin’, singin’
‘Ohhh ohh ohh, whoa ohh’
Anybody got a problem with that, yeah yeah”

These lyrics capture the carefree spirit of summer and the enjoyment of being outdoors with friends, soaking up the sun and having a good time. The narrator sings about how he wants to live in the moment and not worry about anything else.

The second verse of the song describes the narrator’s experiences partying with his friends and enjoying life to the fullest. He sings about dancing until dawn and drinking whiskey, enjoying the freedom and joy of being young and alive.

The bridge of the song goes:

“So come on, raise your cup
Everybody gettin’ down on this get loud kinda night
We all had our ups and downs
But somewhere between the lights and the sound
I found, I found, I found myself a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of alcohol”

These lyrics convey the message that life can be tough and challenging at times, but it’s important to find joy and happiness in the moments of sunshine and whiskey. The narrator encourages everyone to let loose, have fun, and live in the moment.

In summary, “Sunshine & Whiskey” is a fun and upbeat country song that celebrates the joys of summer and living in the moment. It reminds us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and find happiness in the little things. The song’s message has resonated with audiences around the world, making it a popular choice for parties and events.

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