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Listen to Little Big Town’s Infectious Anthem ‘Day Drinking’ and Get Ready to Dance the Night Away!

“Day Drinking” is a country song recorded by Little Big Town for their 2014 album “Pain Killer”. The track was written by Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet, and Barry Dean, and quickly became one of the group’s most popular songs due to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.

The song opens with an upbeat guitar riff and the group’s harmonies singing about the joys of day drinking. They note that sometimes it’s nice to indulge in a few drinks during the daytime – whether it’s at the beach or just hanging out with friends. They sing, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere / But I don’t care / I’m not going home / I’m gonna stay right here / And drink all day.”

As the song progresses, Little Big Town reflects on the lightheartedness of letting loose and having fun with those closest to us. They note that even though responsibilities may be waiting for us later on, it’s important to take time for ourselves and enjoy the moment. They sing, “Don’t wanna think about Monday / Or what’s ahead this week / Not gonna waste another minute / Let the party begin ’cause I love cheap thrills.”

Despite the song’s carefree tone and infectious melody, there’s an underlying sense of escapism and a desire to shake off daily stresses. Little Big Town’s harmonies capture this sentiment perfectly, making the song a bittersweet tribute to the importance of self-care and taking time to unwind.

Overall, “Day Drinking” is a modern country song that celebrates the beauty and satisfaction of letting loose and having fun. It’s a reminder that sometimes we have to take a break from our busy lives and enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with those closest to us. Little Big Town’s infectious melody and soulful harmonies make this song a standout in the country music genre, showcasing their talent as both performers and interpreters of great songs.

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