The Casinos – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Long Version)

The Casinos’ “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” is a classic love song from the early 1960s that has become an enduring favorite of music lovers around the world. Written by John D. Loudermilk, the song was first recorded in 1962 and has been covered by numerous artists over the years.

At its core, “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” is a song about the pain of heartbreak and the hope for reconciliation. The lyrics describe a man who is pleading with his lover to be honest about her feelings and let him know if their relationship is truly over.

The song starts with the famous opening lines: “Kiss me each morning for a million years / Hold me each evening by your side.” These words convey the sense of tenderness and intimacy that the singer feels, setting the tone for the rest of the track.

Throughout the song, The Casinos sing about the different emotions that come with a relationship on the brink of ending, from sadness to confusion to desperation. They also sing about the importance of communication and honesty in relationships, suggesting that being truthful about our feelings is essential for both parties to move forward.

The meaning behind this song is one of vulnerability and honesty. It’s about the power of love to transform us and the importance of being open and authentic in our relationships, as well as the pain of letting go and moving on when a relationship has run its course.

Overall, The Casinos’ “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Its heartfelt melody and poignant lyrics have resonated with generations of listeners, making it a beloved song that continues to be played on the radio and at weddings and other romantic occasions around the world.

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