The Best Horse Videos of the Year

The horse is a majestic animal that has been revered by humans for centuries. It is no wonder that horses have been the subject of many videos that have captivated audiences around the world. In this article, we will take a look at the best horse videos of the year that have been produced.

  1. “The Horses of Iceland” by Tommie Tourist – This video takes us on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Iceland, as we witness the beauty of the country’s famous horses. The video captures the horses’ unique personalities and showcases their strong bond with their human caretakers.
  2. “The Dancing Horses of Versailles” by EQUUS Film Festival – This video captures the spectacular performance of the famous dancing horses of Versailles. The horses, trained in classical dressage, perform a choreographed routine set to music, demonstrating their incredible talent and athleticism.
  3. “The Wild Horses of Wyoming” by The Nature Conservancy – This video takes us on a journey through the rugged terrain of Wyoming, as we witness the freedom and beauty of the state’s wild horses. The video showcases the horses’ resilience and adaptability in their natural habitat.
  4. “The Black Stallion Returns” by Arabian Horse Association – This video showcases the incredible athleticism and grace of the Arabian horse breed. The video captures the speed and agility of the horses as they race around the track, leaving audiences in awe.
  5. “The Horse Whisperer” by Monty Roberts – This video showcases the unique and gentle approach to horse training pioneered by Monty Roberts. The video demonstrates the trust and understanding that can be achieved between horse and human through patient and respectful communication.

In conclusion, these videos demonstrate the beauty, athleticism, and unique personalities of horses. They showcase the strong bond that can be formed between horses and humans, as well as the resilience and adaptability of horses in their natural habitat. Whether you are a horse enthusiast or simply appreciate the majesty of these magnificent animals, these videos are sure to captivate and inspire you.

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