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Listen to Bobby Bare’s Haunting Ballad ‘500 Miles Away From Home’ and Experience a Journey of Heartbreak

“500 Miles Away From Home” is a classic country song by Bobby Bare that tells the story of a man who is far away from home and missing his loved ones. The song was released in 1963 and quickly became a fan favorite, earning Bare several awards and nominations.

The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of a man who is struggling to cope with being away from home: “I’m five hundred miles away from home / Teardrops fell on mama’s note when I read the things she wrote / She said we miss you son we love you come on home.”

The chorus of the song captures the sense of longing and sadness that comes with being far away from loved ones: “Oh I’m five hundred miles away from home / Away from home, away from home / Cold and tired and all alone / Yes, I’m five hundred miles away from home.”

The lyrics are deeply emotional, speaking to the pain and heartbreak that can come with separation from family and friends. They also offer a sense of hope and resilience, suggesting that despite the distance between them, the man’s loved ones are still close to his heart.

Beyond its message about missing loved ones, “500 Miles Away From Home” also serves as a powerful commentary on the impact of travel and migration on individuals and society as a whole. The song acknowledges the toll that distance can take on families, while also celebrating the resilience and strength that allows them to persevere through difficult times.

In many ways, “500 Miles Away From Home” is a timeless classic that has resonated with fans of Bobby Bare and country music for years. Its message of longing and connection speaks to the human spirit’s resilience and strength, while also offering a reminder of the enduring power of music to bring people together and evoke powerful emotions. For fans of Bobby Bare, the song is a testament to his ability to create music that speaks to the heart and soul of his listeners, capturing the complexity of human emotion with his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

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