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Listen to “Waylon Jennings – This Time” for a classic and timeless outlaw country hit.

“This Time” is a classic country song by Waylon Jennings that was released in 1974. The song, which was co-written by Jennings and Chips Moman, is a powerful and emotional exploration of the pain and heartbreak of a relationship falling apart.

The song opens with a simple acoustic guitar riff and Jennings’ smooth vocals, which immediately set a tone of introspection and vulnerability. Jennings sings about how he’s been trying to hold on to his relationship, but how it seems like everything is falling apart.

The chorus is where the song really shines, as Jennings sings, “This time, if you want me to come back / It’s up to you / But remember I won’t allow / The things you did before / You’re gonna have to toe the mark / And walk the line this time.”

The message is clear – sometimes, relationships require hard work and sacrifice, and we may need to set boundaries and demand respect in order for them to thrive. The song celebrates the power of self-respect and self-assertion, and the ways in which they can help us build stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

Throughout the rest of the song, Jennings uses vivid imagery to describe the various ways in which his relationship has deteriorated. He sings about the lies and deception that have eroded his trust, and the pain and heartbreak that he feels as a result.

But perhaps the most important message of “This Time” is that even though relationships can be painful and challenging, they are also an essential part of what makes life worth living. As Jennings sings in the bridge, “I’ve been too blue to see the signs / I can’t believe I’ve been so blind / But you’re the cheater, not the cheated / This time, I won’t be defeated.”

In other words, Jennings is reminding us that even when we feel hurt and betrayed, we still have the power to stand up for ourselves, demand respect, and ultimately find greater fulfillment and happiness in our relationships.

Overall, “This Time” is a timeless classic that explores the pain and heartbreak of a relationship falling apart. Through its poignant lyrics and soulful vocals, it inspires us to stand up for ourselves, set boundaries, and demand respect in our relationships, even when it means risking short-term pain.

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