Very Beautiful And Cute Horse Videos Compilation

Quick story (I hope). One day I went for a ride in the country, I stopped and got out of my car to stretch the legs. I was at crossroads with no traffic. After about 30 seconds I heard a sound off in the distance and here comes two horses at a full gallop. I was standing by a wire fence and they came right up to me. I said horse but I believe they were ponies since they were that size. Anyways, the larger horse started nudging me with his nose so I started petting him. I swear to God he was acting like a large doggie that wanted some attention and I was very pleased to give all that I could. The smaller horse just stayed by the larger horse and was kind of laid back. This went on for something between 5-10 minutes and from the distance I heard a faint whistle. The larger horse gave me a look and swish they took off. This happened about 25 years ago and I still have this vivid recollection of this blessed event. There was peace in the world for those precious few minutes. Sorry, guess it didn’t turn out to be a very short story. Thanks for reading and hope you readers have a great day and a great rest of your lives.

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