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Listen to Ernest Tubb’s Timeless Classic “Waltz Across Texas” and Get Ready to Two-Step the Night Away!

Ernest Tubb’s “Waltz” is a classic country song that tells the story of heartbreak and lost love. The song was released in 1950 and quickly became a hit thanks to its emotional lyrics and Tubb’s distinctive voice.

The song begins with Tubb singing about a woman he loved deeply, but who ultimately left him. He sings, “I know that you’re happy with your new love / And it hurts me to know I’m not with you.” This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is filled with longing and sadness.

Tubb then goes on to describe how he used to dance with this woman, singing, “We used to waltz along the river / And dream of what the future might be.” This line is particularly poignant because it shows how much he cherished their time together and how much he misses her.

As the song progresses, Tubb’s pain becomes more apparent. He sings, “Now I’m left with just this memory / Of a love that couldn’t be.” These lines are especially powerful because they speak to the universal experience of losing someone we love.

Despite his heartbreak, Tubb’s love for this woman remains strong. He sings, “I still love you as I did in yesterday / And I’ll keep on loving you until the end of time.” This sentiment is both romantic and tragic, as it shows that even though their love has ended, Tubb’s feelings remain unchanged.

In conclusion, Ernest Tubb’s “Waltz” is a beautiful and emotional country song that explores the pain of lost love. Through its heartfelt lyrics and Tubb’s powerful vocals, the song speaks to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and the enduring power of love.

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